We offer an extensive program of events, including seminars and workshops. Upcoming events are listed below. We hope you will find these of interest and will be able to join us.

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This two-hour seminar will focus on the difficult issue of reasonable adjustments and dismissals in cases concerning underperformance and absence related to stress, anxiety and depression. It will provide delegates with a clear understanding of the law and outline practical strategies for effectively managing the causes and consequences mental ill health at work.

Wed 08 Jul 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

This seminar has been postponed until the autumn. A new date will be announced in the coming days. 

Has your organisation been adversely affected by the decisions of a public authority – be they commissioners of public services, government policy makers, education bodies or local authorities issuing grants or permits? If so, your organisation may have a public law remedy.

Mon 13 Jul 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Many civil society organisations are considering the implications of the referendum and thinking about whether to campaign for an in or out vote, and how to pursue that campaign. But what issues should you be thinking about to stay on the right side of the law?

Thu 23 Jul 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Whatever your position within an organisation, understanding the fundamentals of employment law is a huge advantage. Whether you are revising contracts, hiring new staff or dealing with difficult employment relationships this Masterclass will provide a detailed understanding of the core elements of employment law.

Tue 08 Sep 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

The skillset, commitment and constituency of a board's members make a vast difference to whether the board is high performing or not. What can a board do to attract good board members? What can it do to ensure that it can support them once they are recruited? Do personality styles make a difference when recruiting charity trustees?

Thu 17 Sep 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

Onboard's intensive one-day training event provides boards with all the information needed to govern effectively.

Tue 22 Sep 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

Duties of Charity Trustees will examine what is required of boards and trustees, outline the legal obligations, examine the roles within a board, and impart the principles behind good governance.

Tue 06 Oct 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

Understanding the employment status of your staff is crucial, not least because it determines the extent of your legal obligations. A lot of recent media attention has focused on the increasing use of unpaid interns, workers engaged on zero hours contracts and a growing trend towards flexible working practices. These arrangements have sparked considerable debate and focused the gaze of the public (and HMRC) towards employers who are perceived to be exploiting their workforce through sham categorisation.

Wed 21 Oct 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >