This event is now over and took place on Thu 26 Feb 2015

Event Summary

This seminar was originally scheduled to take place on 22nd January 2015 but has been moved to the new date of 26th Febraury 2015. 

Brand protection is an important area for organisations of all kinds, and the laws surrounding registered trade marks, and passing off, are a minefield. It is just as key for associations and membership organisations to protect those most vital of assets - their names and logos – as it is for their members.

The picture is even more complicated where you authorise others to use your brands to denote membership, or perhaps to certify that products or services meet a given standard.

This seminar aims to cut to the heart of this difficult area and clarify the things you really need to know. These include:

-The basics of checking whether a name is free to use, and protecting it via trade marking

-Collective and certification marks – practical advice surrounding allowing others to use your names and logos as badges of membership or of quality

-Taking action against unauthorised users of your brands, including rogue members and ex-members


11.45am- Registration

12.00pm- Seminar

13.30pm- Lunch



BWB's new offices at 10 Queen Street Place, EC4R 1BE

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