We offer an extensive program of events, including seminars and workshops. Upcoming events are listed below. We hope you will find these of interest and will be able to join us.

For more information, contact us at seminars@bwbllp.com.

This roundtable will look at how social innovation happens, how it is identified and nurtured and how it can be taken from concept to scale. It will look at the role charities and social enterprises play in making innovation happen and the difference between impact readiness and investment readiness. It will consider how the right kind of finance can be used as a tool to support innovation.

Wed 27 May 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

What are the common areas in which charities experience legal challenges? What can you do to confront them? What are your legal responsibilities? Attendance at this seminar will enable you to identify high level duties and implement good governance practices, in order to avoid common legal pitfalls.

Thu 28 May 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

This free one hour seminar will examine the statutory right to request flexible working and the framework for responding to a request. It will offer some key pointers to ensure your policies are fit for purpose and will then consider thorny flexible working issues, such as competing requests, informal requests and counter-proposals by employers.

Thu 11 Jun 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Obtaining funding for significant projects, whether for a capital project to upgrade or refurbish property or to purchase new premises, will often involve lenders or grant providers requiring security over an organisation’s property assets.

We will discuss how organisations can make the most of their property assets when seeking such funding, as well as highlighting key issues for Finance Directors and CEOs to consider when making applications for such funding.

Tue 16 Jun 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Bates Wells Braithwaite, Kingston Smith and Legacy Foresight provide a practical guide to legacy income with a particular focus on legacy income measurement, accounting for legacies under the new SORP, and challenges to your charity’s legacy income.

Thu 18 Jun 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Hear about the very latest legal developments, ideas and thinking in governance. Come prepared to hear and share thinking around these topics:

Thu 02 Jul 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >