We offer an extensive program of events, including seminars and workshops. Upcoming events are listed below. We hope you will find these of interest and will be able to join us.

For more information, contact us at seminars@bwbllp.com.

This two-hour seminar is designed to provide delegates with practical guidance on how to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations and negotiations with employees. The session will cover both the practical ‘soft-skills’ and the law governing without prejudice discussions and pre-termination negotiations

Wed 29 Apr 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

This two hour workshop is designed to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the features of SITR to assist with structuring potential transactions. It is intended to provide an overview of the process in obtaining SITR and the typical structures for SITR investment that have been used to date. The session will also cover the intended expansion of SITR and the likely impact this will have on the scheme.

Thu 30 Apr 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

BWB’s Education team and Spark! The National Work Experience Service invite you to an evening seminar on the legal and policy context behind work experience and safeguarding; and how to put this into practice.Through this seminar you will be able to find out how to respond to the DfE statutory guidance, what a successful employer organisational risk check looks and feels like, as well as finding out about the benefits and need for collaboration in Quality Assurance.

Wed 06 May 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

This event looks at developing listening skills, helping people make good decisions and feel understood and improve the quality of their leadership. Advanced Facilitation looks at helping governing boards and groups become more effective.

Mon 18 May 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

Participants at this seminar will gain a greater understanding of the various corporate, tax and employment aspects of employee share schemes. Participants will have increased knowledge and confidence to implement and utilise employee share schemes.

Tue 19 May 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Most landlords and tenants will, at some point, have either entered into agreements with telecoms operators to install a telecoms mast for mobile communications in return for an income or need to have data apparatus and cabling installed for their own use. How this is dealt with can seriously impact on how successfully you occupy and operate your building and carry out your functions. We will help you to understand these issues and highlight what you can do to prevent a problem arising.

Wed 20 May 2015          BWB Events Read More and Book >

What are the common areas in which charities experience legal challenges? What can you do to confront them? What are your legal responsibilities? Attendance at this seminar will enable you to identify high level duties and implement good governance practices, in order to avoid common legal pitfalls.

Thu 28 May 2015          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >