Employment knowhow: International and Jurisdiction >

Increasingly staff employed by entities in the UK work overseas. Where this happens, it is important to note that the statutory employment rules in the country where the employee works will be likely to apply and bind the UK based entity. These will often be different to those applicable in the UK and could be more onerous. Paul Seath outlines factors to consider when employing staff outside of the UK. 

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BWB Briefing for Charities & Social Enterprises | 23 August 2016 >

In this week's Briefing, the Department of Education has published a new consultation on child care, the government has published its plan for action to reduce childhood obesity, and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has launched a review of the Arts Council’s position as a DCMS sponsored NonDepartmental Public Body (NDPB).

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Employment knowhow: partnership disputes >

There are a number of different types of partnerships recognised in English law, including Partnerships at will, Partnerships that fall under the Partnership Act 1890, but most frequently created are Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLPs”). William Garnett discusses the types of partnerships. 

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Non-EEA Sportspersons: UK Immigration >

International sportspeople regularly travel all over the world for new challenges. For athletes from outside the EEA (or from Croatia) who want to compete, train, or work in the UK, navigating the immigration system can prove a less exciting challenge of the job. BWB’s Immigration team has prepared a detailed guide examining the number of routes through which a non-EEA/Croatian sportsperson may come to the UK to undertake sporting activities.

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Employment knowhow: executive service agreements >

In light of the increased remuneration and seniority it is common that executive service agreements will contain a significantly greater number of contractual terms than a standard contract of employment. William Garnett outlines the issues that will be of significant importance. 

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Goddard Inquiry blog: the current position >

The main development in the Inquiry obviously came yesterday (4th August 2016) with the resignation of its Chair. This follows a number of preliminary hearings in relation to the investigations currently underway last week by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

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