Employment knowhow: health and safety >

Employers have common law and statutory duties relating to the health and safety of their employees, volunteers, contractors and visitors. In particular, the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (“HSA”) provides that an employer must maintain a safe working environment, and provide information and training to employees on reducing the risks posed by any hazards. Lucy McLynn discusses aspects of health and safety law.

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What does Brexit mean for my organisation? BWB Client Briefing >

Only three weeks after the referendum which has set in train the most profound social and political changes in decades, it is too early to say with any certainty exactly how UK charities and social enterprises will be affected. Much will depend on the details of the new UK-EU relationship post-Brexit. That charities and social enterprises will, as ever, have an important role in the changing social landscape is one of the few certainties.

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Employment knowhow: working time and holidays >

Lucy McLynn discusses the Working Time Regulations 1998 (“WTR”), which provide some important rights for all workers in the UK (apart from the genuinely self-employed who are working on a business-client basis, and certain narrow categories of workers who are exempt from some provisions).

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Employment knowhow: Discrimination >

All workers including agency workers and former workers and also job applicants are protected from discrimination in, and in the context of, the “employment” (in this broad sense) on grounds of "protected characteristics". Lucy McLynn outlines the principle forms of discrimination.

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