Charity and Social Enterprise Update Summer 2015 >

The latest edition of BWB's Charity and Social Enterprise update covers the latest developments at the Charity Commission, the draft Protection of Charities Bill, the consequences for charities of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the stance of HMRC on tax breaks for overseas charities, and much more.

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What is on the new government's justice agenda? >

Following last week’s general election, Michael Gove, the former Education Secretary, has been appointed Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor. He will have a key role in implementing the Conservative Party’s manifesto promises on justice and human rights.

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Employment Insight: Trouble and strife - Dealing with concurrent disciplinary and grievance proceedings >

The votes are nearly all in, and undoubtedly talk of the new government will dominate the news pages for the coming days and weeks. The following article will hopefully serve as a brief distraction from the election, and deals with a particularly thorny employee relations issue – what should employers do when an individual raises a grievance during the course of disciplinary proceedings against them?

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Employment Update - Spring 2015 >

Our latest Employment update covers the immigration implications for businesses or organisations in corporate transactions, the remedy of of interim relief, the impact of of the introduction of pre-termination negotiations, as well as our regular roundups and other topical employment issues.


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