Many of you will be aware that since December 2012 the Government has been engaged in a series of reforms to judicial review. We have been very concerned that the effect will curtail the ability of the Third Sector to challenge the decisions of public authorities, this action often being taken on behalf of the most vulnerable or excluded in society.

BWB has prepared a series of e-flashes to help interested organisations follow the developments (most recently, the amendments made in Part 4 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill). In October 2013 we hosted a roundtable event with A4ID, encouraging the third sector to respond to the second consultation on the reforms. As result of the strength of opinion on the matter, the Government did not proceed with some of the most controversial reforms that would have affected the third sector.

A broad coalition of charities and NGOs have put together the below briefing to oppose the Government proposals to limit and restrict access to judicial review in the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. The amendments to the Bill made by the Lords in October 2014 may have limited some of the worst of the Government’s proposed restrictions. However, the Bill has now returned to the Commons, with the next vote scheduled for Monday 1 December 2014. It is essential that MPs understand that the Government proposals are not about the interests of lawyers – they will negatively affect access to justice for the most vulnerable of their constituents. If your organisation is concerned about this issue there is still time to make a difference: send your local MPs a copy of the joint NGO briefing and urge them to turn up to the vote on Monday to support the Lords amendments.

Please click here to view the briefing.

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Posted on 26/11/2014 in Legal Updates

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