BWB's head of Immigration Philip Trott was invited to participate in the American Immigration Lawyers' Association's quarterly conference call for the AILA Global Migration Section.

The conference call regularly gathers together a panel of immigration experts to discuss topical issues. The call is then made available online as a valuable resource for immigration professionals. The December call covered Immigration Aspects of Corporate Inversions and is available to download from the AILA's website, by clicking here. The download is free to AILA members.

"As many countries lower their corporate tax rates to spur inward investment, those countries that do not pursue such a strategy are seeing the movement of management centers in corporate restructurings that are focused on worldwide tax savings for the entities at issue. The panel analyzed the immigration aspects of such transactions, which in the United States are often accomplished through corporate inversions."



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Posted on 31/12/2014 in BWB In The Media

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