In this summer's edition of the Charity Update:

  • The Charity Commission expects charity trustees to report 'serious incidents' as soon as they are aware of them. Rosamund McCarthy and Mindy Jhittay explain that this is not as straightforward as it sounds.
  • Rosamund McCarthy and Molly Carew-Jones summarise the main points under discussion on the draft Protection of Charities Bill.
  • Alice Faure Walker introduces the Law Commission’s consultation paper on Technical Issues in Charity Law and encourages comment from charities.
  • Mark Scodie explains the difference small print at the bottom of emails can make.
  • Joanna Stokes reports on how charities and social enterprises are likely to be affected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 due to come into force this October.
  • Our client focus section looks at the work of environmental organisation WRAP.
  • Tom McNeil gives his top five tips for charities and NGOs thinking about collaboration.
  • Jim Clifford OBE and his team introduce some of the core services of BWB Advisory and Impact.
  • Procurement legislation is changing across Europe. Selman Ansari and Claire Whittle report on the latest position in the UK.
  • Thea Longley and Tom McNeil look at new guidance on how local sports clubs can qualify for CASC status.
  • Rob Oakley advises how charities can deal with a challenge to a legacy.
  • The “thinking environment” leads to more effective decision-making. Tesse Akpeki explains how boards can benefit from this approach.
  • Bill Lewis and Lucinda Ellen question whether HMRC's strict approach toward the recognition of European charities for UK tax relief is becoming more relaxed.
  • Molly Carew-Jones summarises developments at the Charity Commission
  • Ara Iskanderian reports on recent notable cases in the Charity Tribunal.

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Posted on 15/05/2015 in Legal Updates

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