Richard Marke, member of the City of London Law Society Commercial Law Committee and Partner at BWB talks about the Common European Sales Law (CESL) in this month’s City Solicitor.

On the subject of the CESL’s relevance in 2015 and the need for such legislation, Richard Marke points out that “many of the originally perceived barriers between members states trading simply no longer exist in the world we live in today with consumers readily transacting online every single day.” He believes that there are barriers to cross border trade but it is not the law that is causing the problems.

Richard agrees with the other commercial lawyers in the article who all believe that a “degree of harmonisation must be a good thing in principle but that the [CESL] proposals delivered thus far have not been properly thought through and there are too many down sides to them.” As one of his fellow committee members puts it, “in 2015 a looser, flexible more modern framework makes a lot more sense than anything a CESL can offer.”

To read the full article please see page 6 of the Summer 2015 Edition of City Solicitor.

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Posted on 19/06/2015 in BWB In The Media

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