Following the annual immigration cap for sponsoring non-EEA skilled migrants under the Tier 2 (General) subcategory having been reached for the months of June 2015 and July 2015, the cap was reached once again this month. This happened despite Certificates of Sponsorship having been “rolled over” from July 2015 and 2,347 Certificates of Sponsorship being available for allocation this month.

This month, only applications scoring at least 36 points were successful, whereas last month applications scoring points of at least 45 points were successful.    

Applications that score 36 points are where a job:

  • is not in one of the PhD level SOC Codes and the Resident Labour Market Test (the “RLMT”) is carried out (or the job is exempt from the RLMT) and has a salary of at least £24,000 per annum; or
  • is at PhD level SOC Codes and the RLMT has been carried out (or the job is exempt from the RLMT); or
  • is on the list of shortage occupations.

Whilst the last three months has seen a reduction in the points required for successful applications, our advice still remains that sponsors should carefully consider and plan the recruitment of non-EEA skilled workers and consider if it is possible to provide a higher salary package where migrants are at the lower end of the earning spectrum.

Next month’s quota meeting will be on 11 September 2015.

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Posted on 14/08/2015 in Legal Updates

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