BWB has launched BWB Get Legal, a unique online tool which makes bespoke legal documents accessible and affordable for all charities and social enterprises.

Get Legal will transform how charities and social enterprises approach legal services, providing an economical alternative to high fees. Documents on the site are priced at about one-tenth of what it would cost to commission a solicitor to draft them. Get Legal templates are written by BWB experts and are kept up-to-date through regular reviews. The document-tailoring process is supplemented by detailed guidance and notes from BWB solicitors.

BWB is widely acknowledged as the leading charity and social enterprise firm in the UK. The firm works with more charities than any other law firm in the country, with clients covering the full spectrum of the third sector, from start-ups and smaller organisations to in-house legal teams of big household-name charities and well-established social enterprises.

Charities and social enterprises may be already familiar with Get, the collaborative website between BWB and NCVO, offering helpful know-how for third sector organisations. The site will now further benefit the third sector by re-launching with a new focus: to help not-for-profits to access high quality legal services, which they otherwise would not be able to afford.

BWB Get Legal allows charity and social enterprise staff and leaders to purchase essential legal documents 24/7 and to tailor them to their organisation’s specific needs through a guided, step-by-step process. The site will further continue to provide free information, advice and vital resources on the legal issues relating to setting up and running a charity or social enterprise.

Thea Longley, partner in BWB’s Charity and Social Enterprise team, explained: “At BWB we understand that not all organisations will have an extensive legal budget. In some situations this leads to organisations not complying with the law, simply because they cannot afford to use a solicitor. BWB Get Legal was set up to provide documents priced at a level which allows any organisation to download and tailor something they know is compliant and bespoke to them.”

Martin Bunch, managing partner at BWB commented: “BWB has a history of innovating to support charities and social enterprises, we are a commercial law firm, but we’re also committed to helping our clients to succeed and deliver positive change. BWB Get Legal fills a gap in the market by providing tailored legal documents and support online so organisations don’t have to compromise on quality. For some charities, Get Legal could save them thousands of pounds on legal fees annually, for other organisations Get Legal is an easy way to introduce them to top quality legal services for the first time.

Whilst Get Legal is a great step into the digital world, we have no intention of becoming a virtual firm; for more complex legal issues our Charity and Social Enterprise team remains available to provide advice in person.”

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Thea Longley

Partner and Head of Membership Organisations

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Posted on 06/10/2015 in BWB News

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