This new report maps the legal landscape of social enterprise in Europe, and seeks to identify and encourage the development of legal systems which support social enterprise growth. It marks an excellent starting point in understanding the complex diversity of legal frameworks for social enterprise across the EU and makes some importand recommendations about future action.

Legal frameworks play a fundamental part in any ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. They can help to make it relatively straight forward to start-up and grow a social enterprise and raise the visibility of this way of doing business or they can hold people back, forcing entrepreneurs to spend time and effort looking for ways around barriers imposed by the legal system.

The report and the legal research which underpins it is a unique and unprecedented treasure trove of information about the relationship between law and social enterprise. It contains profound insights of importance to anyone interested in finding ways to support and grow social enterprise in Europe.

The report was co-authored by BWB and is published by ESELA, an international network of law firms, legal experts, academics and others specialising in all aspects of the law as it applies to social enterprise, of which BWB is a founding member.

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Posted on 21/10/2015 in BWB Publications

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