The Sunday Times has published an article celebrating how many more male executives are beginning to work part-time, official statistics have shown that this figure has now reached 1million. BWB's Simon Steeden has been profiled as one of the leading Power Part Timers.

Simon switched to part-time employment as soon as his daughter was born in order to spend more time with her. He believes that couples should look at taking time off work as a level playing field.

The Times notes that there is now a new breed of male part-timers in Britain's offices, they have been named "power part-timers" because they work less than 5 days a week, but earn a salary equivalent of full-time work. Many of these men are becoming the new face of success in this country by pioneering this flexible working revolution and becoming role models for their children and colleagues.

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Posted on 07/12/2015 in BWB In The Media

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