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Litigators will know that the court will not permit the carrying out of a search order in civil proceedings without a supervising solicitor having been appointed. The supervising solicitor is a solicitor independent of the parties whose role it is to serve the order on the respondent, provide certain explanations as to the meaning and effect of the terms of the order in everyday language, and supervise the carrying out of the order by the applicant’s representatives.

Our Experience

Serving and executing a search order can be a challenging process. The most senior members of our supervising solicitor team have, between them, supervised searches of premises on over 75 occasions. Our most experienced supervising solicitor has been acting as a supervising solicitor for over 15 years.

Our supervising solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with search orders, both as supervising solicitor for third parties and in advising their own clients in substantial fraud, intellectual property infringement, wrongful use of data and confidential information cases, among others.

Our experience means that we are able to handle the complex legal and practical issues that may arise during the course of the execution of a search order. We offer secure storage facilities for documents and electronic images obtained during a search and are able to provide IT and other facilities for the inspection and consideration of electronic images following the carrying out of the search.

Without compromising their independence and obligations, our supervising solicitors are able to provide guidance on technical, practical and other logistical matters to help ensure that any search order is executed as smoothly as possible.

We are able to provide up to 8 solicitors with experience as supervising solicitors comprising mixed teams of male and female supervising solicitors where appropriate, anywhere in England and Wales, often at very short notice (though the earliest possible notice of an intention to apply for a Search Order is always appreciated!). We can also provide supervising solicitors for single or multi site searches.

We believe there are few, if any, other firms that can match our experience in acting as supervising solicitors.

Our Clients

Our work is principally carried out for major law firms based in and around the City of London. If required, we can provide suitable contact details so that you can take up references. Indeed, we would encourage you to do so.

Our fees

Although we are a city based practice our fees are very competitive and we shall be happy to discuss terms with you. We are also happy to discuss any specific requirements with you in advance and in confidence.

Other assistance

As well as acting as supervising solicitors we are able to represent clients in either obtaining a search order or advising them how to respond to any search order (and related orders) served upon them. For solicitors not familiar with search orders, we would be happy to discuss acting for your client direct or acting as your agent or simply advising you behind the scenes.

For more information or if you would like to discuss our acting as a supervising solicitor please contact:

Malcolm Robson
Head of Dispute Resolution
020 7551 7797

Robert Oakley
Partner, Dispute Resolution
020 7551 7792


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Malcolm Robson


+44(0)20 7551 7797 / 07860 747874

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Robert Oakley

Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

+44(0)20 7551 7792 / 07891 143718

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Posted on 09/12/2015 in Legal Updates

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