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Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse blog: Chair announces new strategy >

On Monday, Professor Jay announced a new strategy to ensure the Inquiry meets its remit (see the press release and full statement). In particular, she expressed the view that the Terms of Reference are achievable because she is proceeding on the basis that the Inquiry will not seek to replicate a traditional public inquiry in respect of each of the thousands of institutions that fall within its remit.

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Human rights Act – where are we now? >

While the possibility of a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (‘the Bill’) has been on the political agenda for some years, only recently has it moved towards becoming a reality, with a consultation promised by the government in 2016.



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Special focus: fundraising >

It has been just over a year since the crisis that struck charity fundraising following the death of the charity volunteer fundraiser Olive Cooke. This two part special feature highlights developments in fundraising and data protection since then.

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Report: The art of the possible in public procurement >

Bates Wells Braithwaite, HCT Group and E3M’s Bold Commissioners network have released a new report, The art of the possible in public procurement, examining the implications of the new Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and the options the regulations provide for public service commissioners. The report also presents a set of scenarios that seek to demonstrate the scope of what the regulations allow commissioners to do.

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Immigration Act 2016 >

While the UK moves forward from the referendum result on 23 June, the new Immigration Act 2016 has quietly passed into UK law. Lisa Roberts describes how the Act makes significant changes to the rules on illegal working. 

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Data Protection update >

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make sweeping changes to data protection law. Hannah Lyons explains that organisations need to start preparing for the new regime. 

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