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Making your property work for you >

With large or small capital projects, a funder will often look to take security over property as a condition of providing funds. This article looks at the different types of security a funder or grant provider might require. 

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Lessons in solar panel leases >

The feed-in tariff system is likely to change under government proposals, but, in the meantime, schools can be particularly attractive locations for renewable energy providers. Tom Allen explains some key considerations for solar panel leases. 

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Tribunal watch >

In the case of O v C, the Employment Tribunal considered whether a number of allegations made against C was sufficient to justify O’s resignation and constructive dismissal claim.

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Holiday (issues) never end… >

The Summer holiday period is now behind us, so employers are starting to look ahead to the Christmas period and to 2016. Lucy McLynn addresses some frequently asked questions about holiday entitlement. 

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Engaging for success >

Employee engagement brings positive benefits for both employees and employers. But what exactly does it involve? Paul Seath takes a look at new approaches to engage employees. 

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Challenging procurement decisions >

A decision to appoint a new service provider following a procurement process can be devastating for the incumbent provider. Selman Ansari and Claire Whittle comment on a recent case which may help those considering a challenge. 

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The not-so united kingdom >

The whole debate on the future status of Scotland and, as a result, of the whole of the United Kingdom is still very live. John Hodge and Alan Gilfillan of Balfour+Manson solicitors in Edinburgh explore what this might mean for the sector. 

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Employment Insight: Caste Discrimination >

Employers will be well aware that discrimination law protects employees from discrimination and harassment based on a number of “protected characteristics” such as sex, age, religion and race. The Equality Act 2010 sought to bring together all discrimination law into one statute and define all these characteristics.

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Gifts of shares >

Legacies of shares in private companies are an increasingly popular type of bequest to charities, so it is important to understand the options available to maximise the value of such bequests to your charity. 

Leticia Jennings advises charities in receipt of these gifts on how best to deal with them. 

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