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Employment knowhow: Whistleblowing >

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, workers who make a disclosure about unlawful activity are protected from detriment and termination of their employment because of making that disclosure. Lucy McLynn outlines the types of whistleblowing and legal protections for whistleblowers.

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Charity client focus: Syria Relief >

In our latest Charity and Social Enterprise Update, the client focus is on Syria Relief, a charity providing support and care to Syrian refugees and those internally displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict.

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Employment knowhow: Family friendly leave >

There are various types of ‘family friendly’ leave, of which maternity and paternity are the most common. Family friendly leave is governed by prescriptive rules regarding who is entitled to take such leave, and Anna Worthington outlines when and how it may be taken and how it should be paid.

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Protecting all your assets >

Charity trustees are under a positive duty to safeguard their charity’s resources, including new products or tools that could be at risk of copying. Catharina Waller explains how charities can protect creative assets using their intellectual property rights. 

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Legacies Roundup | June 2016 >

BWB’s Charity Legacies, Trusts & Probate Disputes team have been working on some interesting new cases, including a challenge to a will leaving a substantial sum of money to a charity where the charity has no trustees to defend the challenge. Highlights this month have also included advising on a tricky dispute over a property held on trust, and assisting a local governing body to obtain a scheme in relation to a charity established by will.

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Legacy fundraising: the perils of poorly drafted wills >

Legacy fundraising is a key income stream for many charities, but recent cases have shown that poorly drafted wills can cause headaches for charity beneficiaries. Poor drafting can lead to uncertainty over who the testator intended to benefit in their will and what he intended them to receive. Executors of such wills may be obliged to apply to court for assistance in determining the correct interpretation (“construction”) of the will, or even an order that the will be amended (“rectification”).

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Employment knowhow: Flexible working >

All eligible employees have the right to request flexible working. There is no longer a prescribed statutory process for handling these requests was abolished, instead there is a general duty to deal with them in a reasonable manner. Hannah Wright outlines the application for flexible working. 

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