BWB has combined its expertise in social finance, company start-up, financial services and corporate finance to establish a dedicated Crowdfunding service.

Our Crowdfunding service provides advice to promoters and investors in a variety of 'direct finance platforms' which allow consumers to invest, lend and provide finance to individuals and enterprises over the internet. We use the umbrella term 'crowdfunding' to include crowdinvesting, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending.

We see growth in crowdfunding as part of a trend which we expect, over the next decade, to mirror the growth in online retail activity over the last decade. Alongside our client advisory work, we are also advocates for regulatory reform in the area of crowdfunding, to create a stable platform for industry development.

Our Clients and Services

The establishment of our new dedicated Crowdfunding service builds on a number of complimentary areas of core expertise for BWB, including:

  • social finance and investment
  • company start-up and general commercial
  • small and mid-cap corporate finance
  • consumer credit
  • financial services regulation
  • technology, intellectual property and social media

Our team has advised on the crowdfunding of the award-winning film, Age of Stupid, as well as on a number of theatre and arts crowdfunding initiatives. More recently, we helped to establish BuzzBnk, the social crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending website. We advised Spacehive on its set-up and have advised investors into crowdfunding enterprises such as Abundance and Ethex.

We believe in the twin powers of the internet and consumer choice and see crowdfunding as part of a wider democratic finance movement. Our commitment to crowdfunding is an expression of our ethos, which involves a wider commitment on the part of the firm to the public interest.

Our Role in Regulatory Reform

We have been appointed 'social investment champions' by the Cabinet Office, as part of the Government's Red Tape Challenge process, and in this role we are making the argument for a stable and enabling regulatory environment. There is currently no regulatory concept of crowdfunding.

You can read more about the regulatory reforms we believe are needed in our publication 'Ten Reforms to Grow the Social Investment Market'.