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Our team of specialist lawyers advises a wide range of clients on the whole range of film and television legal matters, including film financing, music, sponsorship, and advertising.

In film, we have a particular strength in alternative funding and financing models and coming up with innovative solutions for our clients. In TV, we are increasingly advising on television formats and the development of TV projects.

You will find our enthusiasm refreshing as well as our ability to assess issues from a film and programme-maker's point of view.

Our Clients

We advise a wide range of clients, including high-profile individuals in both film and television. We work with:

  • Broadcasters
  • Film and television producers and distributors
  • Agents
  • Talent

Our Services: Film

  • Film financing
  • Co-productions and other financing structures
  • Underlying agreements
  • Option and writer agreements
  • Content issues including defamation and privacy
  • Author agreements and agreements with other production personnel
  • Music licences, clearances and soundtrack deals
  • Sales agency and distribution agreements
  • Merchandising and ancillary exploitation
  • Digital media advice and online exploitation
  • Copyright, trade mark and other rights advice
  • Crowdfunding and alternative financing models

Our Services: Television

  • Agreements with broadcasters
  • Format deals, writer and underlying rights agreements
  • Regulatory advice – compliance, sponsorship and advertising
  • Presenter agreements
  • Distribution agreements and online rights exploitation
  • Setting up independent television production companies
  • Work permit related advice and other immigration issues
  • Worker rights: freelancers and employees