'Spinning out' from the public sector, whether from the NHS, local government or central government, is a process on which we have been advising for many years. Setting up a social enterprise or mutual to run public services is often described as a challenging, difficult step to take; but some routes are easier than others. Our aim is to give clear, definitive advice which solves problems rather than creates them.

We have worked closely with the government in this area having been consulted by the Department of Health and the Cabibet Office. We have pioneered innovative approaches in this area including the Community Interest Company.

The leading directory of lawyers, Chambers UK, describes us as “a unique firm” due to our combination of skills which cross the disciplines of commercial and social enterprise law. Our clients benefit from our ability to use practical commercial models but with a deep understanding of the different approaches and values of mutuals, social enterprises and public bodies.

Our Services

Our full range of legal services include:

  • Establishment and registration of the right legal entity
  • Ownership structures and capital investment
  • Commissioning and procurement
  • Transfer of assets and liabilities
  • Employment (including pensions and TUPE)
  • Leases

We are able to advise on new vehicles for and the transfer of all services, from libraries to recycling, council support services to nurseries, podiatry to HIV services.

Click here to download our comprehensive checklist for setting up a mutual, drafted in partnership with PLC. (Reproduced from PLC Public Sector with the permission of the publishers. For further information visit http://www.practicallaw.com/ or call 020 7202 1200)

Our Clients

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