The great thing about this kind of work is that in order to help clients protect or exploit their assets fully we have to be imaginative about how the intellectual property will actually be used. Just about every job we undertake has something different about it. This makes it easy for us to share our client’s excitement about what they are doing.

Our Services

We advise small and large organisations, both commercial and charitable, as well individuals, on a wide range of issues including:

  • Branding and brand protection
  • UK, European and world wide trade mark applications, registrations and licensing
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Copyright law and copyright licensing
  • Data protection
  • IP audits
  • New media projects, including e- business start-ups
  • Patent licensing
  • Software design licensing and support
  • All manner of IP disputes including trade mark infringement, passing off, trade mark challenges and oppositions, copyright infringement

By its very nature, the IP world is an ever-changing one. All businesses are increasingly concerned about branding, domain name and internet issues, particularly in the context of electronic publishing and website services. We have significant experience in these areas. Over the years, we have also done a lot of work with creative individuals and businesses who have more ideas than cash. They need practical help and advice within a set budget. We understand this very well and derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping them find affordable ways of protecting and exploiting their IP products.