Legacies Roundup | April 2017 >

In this edition of Legacies Roundup we draw out some of the key issues covered by our speakers at the seminar, including how data protection issues impact legacy fundraising and legacy management, and the challenges faced by legacy professionals when dealing with vulnerable people. We also discuss the latest (and most welcome) news on the scrapping of the proposed increase in Probate Court fees and reflect on the end of the Ilott v Mitson journey.

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Legacies Roundup | June 2016 >

BWB’s Charity Legacies, Trusts & Probate Disputes team have been working on some interesting new cases, including a challenge to a will leaving a substantial sum of money to a charity where the charity has no trustees to defend the challenge. Highlights this month have also included advising on a tricky dispute over a property held on trust, and assisting a local governing body to obtain a scheme in relation to a charity established by will.

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Legacy fundraising: the perils of poorly drafted wills >

Legacy fundraising is a key income stream for many charities, but recent cases have shown that poorly drafted wills can cause headaches for charity beneficiaries. Poor drafting can lead to uncertainty over who the testator intended to benefit in their will and what he intended them to receive. Executors of such wills may be obliged to apply to court for assistance in determining the correct interpretation (“construction”) of the will, or even an order that the will be amended (“rectification”).

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Legacies Roundup | April 2016 >

BWB’s Charity Legacies, Trusts & Probate Disputes team continues to be busy with a wide range of legacy-related matters. Highlights this month include advising on a difficult property legacy in Northern Ireland, and assisting a number of clients with changing the purposes of restricted legacies.

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Legacies Roundup | October 2015 >

In this edition of Legacies Roundup, we look at recent developments in fundraising, take a look at trends in legacy giving and the family allowance changes, and look back at some of our recent legacy events. We also hope to see you at our upcoming charity legacy property seminar. 

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Gifts of shares >

Legacies of shares in private companies are an increasingly popular type of bequest to charities, so it is important to understand the options available to maximise the value of such bequests to your charity. 

Leticia Jennings advises charities in receipt of these gifts on how best to deal with them. 

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