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Green loans >

Green lending is currently under-used in the property sector, but could it be a win-win for real estate developers and banks alike? 

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Church-owned land >

While the Church of England has substantial land holdings, the diversity of legal forms of ownership means that the sale of Church assets can involve a number of individuals and groups in the decision making.


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Social investment in real estate >

The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 provides charities with additional powers to make social investments and clarifies the responsibilities of trustees when making such investments. Oliver Hunt outlines the provisions of the Act and its application in the real estate context. 

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Preparing for the end of a lease >

Moving offices can be a stressful time, with most organisations ending one lease almost simultaneously with moving to new premises. Chinonso Denwigwe provides a useful checklist to consider when your lease is coming to an end. 

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Housing associations fail to oust cannabis-growing tenants >

The Court of Appeal recently considered, in two different cases, whether occupiers of housing association properties should be subject to an immediate order for possession or a suspended order for possession (SPO), when in both instances the police had found that the properties were used to cultivate a number of cannabis plants.

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Real estate due diligence on business acquisitions >

Real estate is often one of the most valuable assets of any business. Purchasers should be fully aware of the risks that can be involved in the transfer of property as part of a business acquisition. In this article focusing on Commercial Acquisitions, Tom Allen explains the vital importance of real estate due diligence as part of any business acquisition. 

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The Right to Rent Scheme >

The government plans to extend the Right to Rent Scheme nationwide from February 2016, following mixed reviews of the pilot scheme, which went live in the West Midlands on 1 December 2014. Chetal Patel explains the scheme, which requires landlords to conduct
immigration checks on all new tenants. 

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