We help clients create and realise value through mergers, acquisitions, disposals and restructuring by strategic planning, finding buyers, sellers or funders, and managing, negotiating and reporting upon those transactions.

BWB Advisory has considerable experience in a range of specialist fields, services and sectors including voluntary and community sectors, social enterprise, public services, education, care, food and food service and specialist manufacturing.

Our combined skills can nurture your organisation into a sustainable entity built on a firm financial footing, fit to succeed in today's environment and tomorrow's changing times. We can help you to range across strategies, from acquisitions, divestments, mergers, demergers, partnerships, joint ventures and networks, to growing your capacity to suit market and service development.

We can advise on planning, structuring and funding your strategies, as well as providing support in the negotiation and execution.We can work with you to analyse risk, to manage it creatively and constructively and to develop helpful and secure governance approaches. You will also need to develop brands and positioning that secure future resilience and sustainability. We can work with you to achieve all this.

Our work and experience is founded across the charitable, social enterprise, and private sectors. Traditionally seen as quite different sectors, the lines are becoming increasingly blurred as more organisations are finding that their common needs and complementary aims can be met through collaboration.

In conjunction with BWB Impact, we enable clients to move that planning and strategy beyond the traditional approaches based solely on financial values. We build plans and solutions focused on the delivery of outcomes: social, economic and environmental.

Whilst no small task when done to the best of our ability, we also believe that it’s not enough to build, advise and debate. The team is proud to spend part of our time working to pursue endeavours close to our hearts. These range from adoption and advancing the support of vulnerable children, community development, youth work, and food and wellbeing amongst the elderly. We want our legacy, as individuals and together, to be a better place for all.

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