Molly Carew-Jones


 My academic background is in English and Drama, which I studied at Manchester University. I was

introduced to the law in somewhat unusual circumstances when I worked with Theatre in Prisons and
Probation to deliver applied theatre programmes to inmates at Manchester prisons and young
offender units. It was through my interaction with prisoners and solicitors that I first started to consider
the law as a future career.

To build on my knowledge and experience I undertook work experience with a variety of law firms. I
soon came to realise that criminal law was not for me but I was still attracted to working with clients to
solve their legal problems. After graduating from Manchester University in 2011 I started the GDL at
the College of Law in Bloomsbury. As part of a mentor scheme I got a part time paralegal position
with a high street immigration firm which built on my client facing skills as well as the general
experience of working in a legal office.

Whilst working towards the GDL and LPC I volunteered with Victim Support. This not only gave me
some great transferrable skills in terms of my career but it was also a moving and eye-opening
experience. I was able to manage my own case load and interact directly with clients but it also
opened my eyes to the poverty that exists in the UK today and the vital role that charities play in
meeting peoples’ needs. I also worked part time in a call centre as a charity fundraiser. This built on
my knowledge of how charities work and the issues they face in terms of raising funds and
maintaining memberships (I would also say that if you can survive working in a call centre you can
work anywhere!).

It was during the LPC that I first heard of BWB. I was really enjoying learning about the law but I was
struggling to find a law firm that fit me. Some firms saw my prior academic focus on music and theatre
as a disadvantage and I found it difficult to fit into the typical trainee solicitor mould. I was attracted to
BWB’s strong presence in the arts and media sectors as well as their striking charity reputation. My
research into BWB also seemed to suggest that this was a genuinely friendly firm that was interested
in having a varied intake of trainees. I applied for a place on the summer vacation scheme and I was
thrilled to find that my research had been spot on. In just one week I found that people, from
paralegals to partners, were genuinely keen to find out about me and my interests. For the first time
when I spoke of starting a female drama company and being a pub singer these things were seen as
positive achievements!

I started my training contract in September 2014 and I am currently in my first seat in the Charity and
Social Enterprise department. I was quite nervous to start in the firm’s largest department but it has
meant that I have learnt so much so quickly. I have been given a lot of responsibility but I haven’t felt
overwhelmed as I have been supported every step of the way. The context of the work means that no
matter how small the task is that I’m doing I can remain motivated and committed to doing a good job
for the client. I am excited to experience the other areas of the firm and I am sure with my flightpath
that I will be able to access a variety of work and clients.