Alex Jameson


I studied Law at the University of Hull and graduated in 2010. Following graduation, I spent a year
working in a non-legal role in the medical and regulatory department of a large pharmaceutical
multinational. This was to gain some of the “commercial awareness” that is so often spoken of in
legal careers talks and seminars. I always intended to return to a career in law, but found that I
gained a genuine interest in corporate industry. Another valuable side effect of this brief diversion
was that I found myself able to self-fund the LPC.

I completed the LPC at the then-College of Law in Manchester in 2012 and spent the two years that
followed working as a litigation paralegal in a national law firm. I gained a lot from the experience,
and made some lifelong friends, but ultimately decided that I wanted to train at a smaller firm where I
would be more heavily involved in typical fee-earner work. It was during this time that I chose to apply
for a training contract at BWB. I had targeted my applications to city law firms, and BWB stood out
thanks to its unique ethos. I have a personal interest in Arts and Media, one area of the firm’s
practice, but was (and remain) very open-minded about the areas of law which interest me. The
firm’s diverse practice therefore appeared to me to be an excellent opportunity to find my feet as a
solicitor and train in a number of different areas.

After an assessment day and a round of refreshingly pleasant interviews I was offered a place on the
2015 training intake. I had been concerned that with the firm having such a strong charity practice I
would be at a disadvantage, having little prior experience of the sector save for some personal
fundraising efforts, but it is clear that the firm encourages applications from those with diverse

Having been accepted onto the training contract, I found BWB to be welcoming and interested in my
development from day one. BWB arranged for me to join the firm as a paralegal, but I was incredibly
lucky to find that a position for the 2014 training intake had opened up, and so began my training a
year ahead of schedule.

My first seat is in Dispute Resolution and so far it has been an excellent, hands-on introduction to the
firm and the work of a solicitor. It has been incredibly interesting; I had the pleasure of attending one
judgment hearing in particular, and then reading an immediate media response on twitter in the taxi
back. It is clear to me that the early responsibilities and client contact I have been given thus far will
continue. In this respect it has certainly helped that I have experience in contentious legal work, but I
do not believe I would have felt overwhelmed if this was not the case, as the team is incredibly
supportive. Due to the collaborative nature of the firm I have already been exposed to work which
has charity, commercial, media, property and employment aspects. This approach to training is
exactly what drew me to apply to BWB in the first place and I have no doubt that once the two years
are up I will be a better lawyer for it.