Wed 13 Jun 2018

16:00 - 20:00

Event Summary

Evaluating board effectiveness is vital to achieving peak performance. The success of the evaluation process can either stand are fall on how it is designed, how indicators for leadership success are agreed and how the recommendations emerging from the process are discussed, agreed and implemented. Participants in this board effectiveness review will explore the essential steps to carrying out a successful board effectiveness process to bring about lasting results.

How can you determine a board’s fitness for purpose, how can the board recognise and celebrate vital achievements, how can the board be fully engaged in governing the organisation? Participants will examine different types of evaluation to strengthen board performance (i) collective board tools to evaluate performance and (ii) individual board assessment. 

Areas to be covered:

  • What can be embraced by a board effectiveness exercise?
  • What are the pitfalls and benefits of a board effectiveness review?
  • Why do you need a board effectiveness review?
  • How can you carry out a review to achieve maximum results and make the most of the board effectiveness review?
  • Designing the board effectiveness framework - What steps should you follow?
  • How can the board deal with resistance and reluctance to undertake the process?
  • Shaping constructive recommendations;
  • Successful outcomes – measuring the success of an effectiveness review;
  • How board effectiveness reviews  enhance accountability and transparency? and
  • Putting together your own toolkit.

Why attend this seminar:

  • The session will equip participants with the right tools to design and oversee an effectiveness review specific situation in which board evaluation is required;
  • Participants will be aware of the climate within, which they can carry out of board effectiveness review;
  • Paricipants will gain practical ideas and steps to refresh your governance.


4.00pm Registration – tea and coffee
4.30pm Seminar Outline
             * Different types of assessments; Why have a board assessment? Who to involve?
             * Steps of effective board assessment processes. 
             * Using BWB’s Charity Governance Code Questionnaire.
             * Collating the results and analysing the findings.
6.00pm Break
6.15pm Seminar
             * Pulling it all together, drawing up an action plan and evaluating the process
7.30pm Wrap up and networking


BWB's new offices at 10 Queen Street Place, EC4R 1BE

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