We offer an extensive program of events, including seminars and workshops. Upcoming events are listed below. We hope you will find these of interest and will be able to join us.

For more information, contact us at seminars@bwbllp.com.

Join BWB Compliance for a review of the past year and a look at the year ahead with short, easy-to-digest talks from the team.

Thu 18 Jan 2018          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Where it has come to your attention that an employee is not performing to the expected level or standard it will be necessary to intervene with a view to helping the employee achieve that which is required.

Thu 18 Jan 2018          Webinars Read More and Book >

A one-stop shop for Compliance Officers and other compliance professionals, covering both the technicalities and practicalities of the regime. This course, hosted by BWB Compliance, will cover the regulatory requirements of firms and how that drives the role of compliance, together with how compliance officers manage their role in practice.


Wed 10 Jan 2018          BWB Events Read More and Book >

Any employee at some time might have problems, concerns or complaints that they wish to raise with management as a grievance. As a B-Corp your approach towards an employee’s grievance takes on a new significance and will have a considerable impact on the outcome.

Thu 14 Dec 2017          Webinars Read More and Book >

The session will clarify what is required of boards and trustees, outline the legal obligations, examine the roles within a board and impart the principles behind good governance. Participants will focus on the impact of values, behaviours, attitudes and communication using social media.

Tue 28 Nov 2017          OnBoard Events Read More and Book >

Is more responsible capitalism possible? The aim of this workshop is to strengthen our understanding of recent initiatives to formulate an agenda for Mission-led Businesses in the UK that will shape a more responsible capitalism, whether as certified B Corps or other corporate formats and practices.

Wed 22 Nov 2017          External Events Read More and Book >