We help clients plan and achieve impact by research and measurement, outcomes-based planning and strategy, and delivering social investment and social finance solutions.

We want to make an impact at BWB: both directly in our chosen markets, and in helping our clients. We recognise that impact is important for all of us, and we enjoy working with clients to help them to identify, optimise and deliver their impact targets. While perhaps the strongest focus on impacts is still amongst charities, social enterprises, and public service bodies, increasingly we are being asked to help private sector bodies address these same issues.

Actively involved in developing thought and leading debate in this arena, we endeavour to stay at the forefront, constantly suggesting new ideas and solutions for our clients. Just as impact itself is about deliberately achieving positive change – positive outcomes - so we aim to do that with the clients and in the sectors in which we work.

With economic impact having a long history in all sectors, private sector providers are increasingly turning their attention to social value and impact, which has long been a priority for the public service, voluntary and community sector and social enterprise. The BWB Impact team embraces all of these.

Our extensive experience spanning over three decades in professional work and business management is coupled with involvement in ongoing academic research to show that three areas of support are needed:

  • research into outcomes, impacts, theories of change, values brought to stakeholders, perceptions and other matters.
  • market analysis and service development, spanning new models for pricing and delivery that suit increasingly outcomes-focused commissioning (Payment by Results) and markets environments.
  • financial planning, funding and fund-raising, spanning conventional and social investment markets, including new forms such as social investment bonds and social impact bonds.

Whilst no small task when done to the best of our ability, we also think that it’s not enough to build, advise and debate. The team spend part of our time with our sleeves rolled up pursuing endeavours close to our hearts. These range from adoption and advancing the support of vulnerable children, community development, youth work, and food and wellbeing amongst the elderly. Our legacy, as individuals and collectively, is to provide a better place for all.