The Charity Commission has recently issued guidance for charities considering involvment in the EU referendum campaign, this guidance has sparked widespread criticism by sector leaders.

Rosamund McCarthy has expressed concern over the timing of the referendum guidance. She has been quoted in Civil Society saying “it is surprising that the Commission is issuing that guidance only now, when prudent charity trustees may already have decided if and how their charity will engage in the referendum debate.”

In Third Sector Rosamund has expressed concern that the tone of the guidance “could be seen to be at odds with the Commission’s previous suggestion that new guidance was not required as trustees would ‘instinctively understand’ how to strike the right balance”.

Please click here to read the Civil Society article.

Please click here to read the Third Sector article. 

BWB are also noted as having expressed concern in the Civil Society article 'Friends of the Earth complains to Prime Minister about Charity Commission EU referendum guidance'

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Posted on 08/03/2016 in BWB In The Media

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