Throughout March, the Goddard Inquiry held preliminary hearings into allegations of child sexual abuse involving the Anglican Church and allegations of child sexual abuse in Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale, the care of Lambeth Council and by Lord Greville Janner.

The hearings provide an important insight for all possible participants in the Goddard Inquiry about the scope of investigations to be undertaken in the public hearing phase. For example, it is clear from the hearings that the inquiry will examine the extent to which institutions were aware of abuse, in terms of either actual or constructive knowledge.

The hearings also provide an understanding of the inquiry’s approach to issues such as applications for core participant status, anonymity and broadcasting of future hearings. Transcripts for the Anglican Church hearing and Rochdale hearing have been made available online (follow the links to view).

If your organisation has been included within the scope of investigations announced by the inquiry to date, or may be in the future, do consider what your position would be in relation to core participant status and contributions to the inquiry’s work.

Given that the inquiry has directed organisations to retain relevant documentation and encouraged them to undertake internal investigations, these matters are worth careful consideration.

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Posted on 07/04/2016 in Legal Updates

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