The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has announced 13 investigations to date and has this month launched the very first hearings in the Royal Courts of Justice in the public hearing phase of the inquiry’s work.

The inquiry’s scope is already extremely broad, encompassing almost all conceivable elements of public life.

However, it should be noted that after initial references in the opening statement made by the chair of the inquiry, health care organisations (whether NHS, private, charitable or NHS-legacy) remain absent from the inquiry’s work announced to date. This is notable, given the prominence of the NHS and associated organisations in the publicly available allegations made against Jimmy Saville and more generally due to the vulnerability of children who are receiving medical care.

Organisations which have spun out from NHS or local authority health care provision should perhaps take this time before the inquiry shines its investigatory beam upon the healthcare sector to consider how historic documents have been stored and how institutional memory regarding allegations of historic child abuse is retained.

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Posted on 21/04/2016 in Legal Updates

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