In this Summer edition of the Charity and Social Enterprise Update:

  • We have a special pull-out feature on the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016, focusing on it's new provisions in the areas of increased powers for the Charity Commission, disqualification of trustees, fundraising and social investment. Alice Faure Walker, Rosamund McCarthy, Hannah Lyons and Oliver Hunt explain its impact
  • Julian Blake gives a reminder of the key principles of charity law, which the media and even the Charity Commission seem to misunderstand
  • The new 'anti-lobbying' clause in government grant agreements is so widely drawn that its potential impact is far from clear. Melanie Carter and Tom Short argue that it is likely to stifle legitimate debate
  • Catharina Waller explains that there are other IP protections you should consider other than trade mark protection for their name and brand
  • Jim Clifford explores the potential of merger and mutualisation
  • Our client focus in this edition is Syria Relief
  • Julian Blake expands on BWB's support for the E3M and Bold Commissioners initiatives
  • Sara Burgess explains the value of the Social Enterprise Mark in helping genuine social enterprises stand out from the crowd
  • Paul Seath gives a reminder that pension auto-enrolment can apply to charity trustees in some circumstances
  • Bill Lewis warns of the potential impact of the abolition of dividend tax credits on Gift Aid
  • Tesse Akpeki of Onboard discusses the importance of digital strategy in light of the results of the Wired to Govern survey
  • Alex Jameson and Jessica Collings provide our round up of the latest from the Charity Commission

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Alice Faure Walker

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Bill Lewis


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Catharina Waller

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Rosamund McCarthy

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Tesse Akpeki


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Posted on 03/06/2016 in Legal Updates

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