The implications of Brexit for the public sector are a matter of considerable speculation and, in some quarters, great concern. Perhaps the single biggest challenge to public sector organisations will be the security of government-funded and EU-funded projects. Those engaging with Whitehall can also expect delays and reconsideration of key matters that were previously thought to be all but done and dusted. Achieving stability in these uncertain times may prove to be a considerable challenge for the public sector. While the impact on the public sector resulting from changes to actual legislation/regulation is likely to be modest in the short to medium term, the period of uncertainty (and perhaps opportunity) could in some areas lead to potentially significant changes in terms of policy and strategic direction.

BWB’s Public & Regulatory team has produced an overview of the potential impact on the public sector covering:

  • Finances
  • Procurement
  • Local authorities
  • Planning/Environment
  • Freedom of information
  • Personal data
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration and Employment

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Posted on 30/06/2016 in Brexit Briefcase

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