Civil Society has reported on the events and discussions which took place at BWB’s annual Charity Tea Party on Thursday 22nd September.

Talking at the event, BWB partner Rosamund McCarthy said that the changing attitude and approach of the Charity Commission could deter people from wanting to become charity trustees. She stressed to the audience the need to “keep trustees on board” and further called for the Charity Commission to voice more support for charities involved in controversial activities like campaigning.

Also speaking at the event, Kenneth Dibble, head of legal services at the Charity Commission, said that trustee duties hadn’t changed but that the Commission was now “clearer in its articulation of trustees’ responsibilities”.

Dibble also warned charities to expect further scrutiny in the media.

To read Civil Society’s full article, please click here.

Posted on 26/09/2016 in BWB In The Media

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