BWB's Philip Kirkpatrick has been quoted in Third Sector regarding his keynote address at the BWB/NCVO Trustee Conference on 7th November. 

In his speech, Philip states that the 'sector might never regain the public trust it has lost, so it's pointless to focus on what cannot be controlled', comparing the issue of public trust and confidence in charities with climate change. "Like climate change, it's only when we're in it that we notice it all. Now that we're in it, reversal will take longer than its creatio and we might never get back to where we started". 

"We don't need to convine the world at large - it's not possible," Philip went on to say. "Charity can be and should be controversial. If we try to be all things to everyone, we will quite easily become little to anyone."

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Posted on 08/11/2016 in BWB In The Media

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