We are pleased to announce that the third edition of our guide to charity law – The Charities Acts Handbook – a Practical Guide – is now available from Jordan Publishing.

Extensively updated by the team of specialist charity lawyers at BWB, the latest edition gives practical and up-to-date commentary on all the areas covered by the Charities Acts, including:

  • The latest developments in charity legislation, in particular the implications of the new Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016, which is now mainly in force
  • The latest from the Charity Tribunal and the Charity Commission
  • Our practical experience of the impact of the Charities Act 2006, ten years on
  • Copies of relevant charity legislation, including the Charities Acts 1992 and 2011, showing how they have been changed by the 2016 Act
  • Commentary on changes which are in the pipeline

Dedicated chapters cover a range of topics including public benefit, the powers of the Charity Commission, charity land, the Charity Tribunal, charity fundraising, mergers, charitable incorporated organisations and exempt charities.

The new edition will be an indispensable reference for trustees, accountants, lawyers and all those involved in running and managing charities.

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It is a difficult balancing exercise to pitch a guide of this nature at a
sufficiently high level to reach a broad audience, while still being comprehensive
enough to be useful. The Charities Acts Handbook succeeds admirably.
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Posted on 25/11/2016 in BWB Publications

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