In this edition of our regular Real Estate update, Chinonso Denwigwe provides a useful checklist of issues to consider when your lease is coming to an end. Page 4.

In an uncertain property market, previously attractive property transactions may lose their appeal. Kate Shearer looks at the possible outcomes for the buyer or seller if either party changes their mind after exchange of contracts. Page 5.

In the first of two articles focusing on social finance in the real estate sector, Oliver Hunt examines the impact of the Charities
(Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 in general, and specifically on charities that wish to invest in property, such as a
social housing scheme. Page 6.

Neil Lambert follows this with a look at investment in the social housing sector. The impact of Brexit on housing associations’ credit ratings has yet to bite, and the sector has seen a very high level of interest from investors in recent deals. Page 8.

Finally, there’s brief coverage of the latest news in the sector, and some of the Real Estate team’s recent deals, page 3; and a roundup
of important recent cases, page 10.

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Posted on 04/01/2017 in Legal Updates

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