In this edition of the Faith-Based update:

  • Leona Roche outlines the key principles for effective trustee decision making, and how the Charity Commission interprets these principles
  • Keith Fernett shares some of the life-changing work of Caritas Anchor House in our client focus
  • Stephanie Biden considers potential pitfalls in complying with HM Revenue & Customs guidance when sending funds overseas
  • Augustus Della-Porta explains the intrinsic importance of charitable giving to the Islamic faith and the three main forms of giving
  • Donnchadh Ó Mórdha outlines how an effective reserve policy can enable faith-based organisations to sustain their mission into the future and across different economic cycles
  • In our special focus on property matters, Chris Theobald and Jamie Huard look at some of the issues for faith-based organisations considering property projects
  • Jamie Huard and Holly Terry consider negotiating the intricacies of disposing of church-owned land
  • Lucy McLynn advises on managing the breakdown of employment relationships in the specific context of faith-based organisations
  • A new report of faith-based charities contains key points for the sector, reveals NPC’s Rachel Wharton
  • Leona Roche and Stephanie Biden talk about BWB’s inspiring Faith at Work lunches, which continue to develop better faith literacy within the firm
  • On a personal note, Luke Fletcher shares from his faith journey
  • Lucy Rhodes and Caroline Van Den Bergh provide a summary of a number of 2016’s key cases that are of interest to faith-based organisations

Please contact the Faith-Based team if you have questions about the issues covered in this update.

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Stephanie Biden


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Leona Roche

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Posted on 30/01/2017 in Legal Updates

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