BWB has a strong set of values which we refer to as our principles. These principles are the basis upon which BWB was founded and sets us apart.

The independent legal directory, Chambers UK, has recognised the way that our principles operate in practice, describing us as a "City firm with a conscience".

BWB Principles 


1. We are a commercial firm that provides astute, practical and cost-effective advice.
2. We are dedicated to our clients and to providing an excellent client service.


3. As a socially responsible business we:
    • are committed to justice and the public interest
    • place a high value on advising businesses that create social value as well as public interest organisations
    • are committed to making a positive impact on society
    • promote individual and collective engagement in civil society
    • promote environmental responsibility and control our impact on the environment
    • do not allow our commercial goals to compromise our principles.

Working life

4. We innovate and encourage innovation.
5. We take pride in and enjoy our work.
6. We are committed to maintaining a reasonable balance between work, home and other interests.
7. We cultivate trust and loyalty.
8. We promote diversity and advancement on the basis of merit.
9. We value openness and clear communication.