Claudia is an executive in BWB’s Advisory and Impact department, she works on a broad range of projects across transactions, impact management, strategy, and risk & investigation. Claudia is particularly enthusiastic about making information and data accessible and meaningful to organisations. She takes great satisfaction from finding practical solutions to complex problems that can be understood at all levels across an organisation.

Claudia is passionate about the creative industries, and is especially interested in the challenges of impact measurement, and the growth of commercial fundraising for capital projects in arts organisations. She takes a keen interest in developments within the sector and is a member of the Culture + Creative group, an inter-departmental group across BWB whose members take an interest in and work with creative organisations.


Claudia works across the department on a variety of different projects. This has varied extensively from analysing UK government data sets, researching the impact of women’s education in Ethiopia, to reviewing and analysing financial information. Claudia qualified as an accountant in September 2018.

Examples of recent work

  • Analysing government data-sets and profiling high-risk drivers for a UK charity in order to quantify the associated costs to society. This was used to demonstrate to the government the costs of high risk drivers and methods which could be used to reduce these costs.
  • Producing a brand valuation that demonstrated the in-kind value brought to a joint-venture project by an international charity. This valuation also considered the social impact and reach that the charity had, as well as more traditional aspects of valuation.
  • Reviewing financial and strategic information on site at a company in Italy as part of a due diligence exercise prior to an acquisition. This gave the client assurance about the financial feasibility of the company.
  • Developing a questionnaire designed to gather insight into possible footfall incentives with a view to lead into crowdfunding. This will enable the company to gather information from its users about the best way to incentivise usage and spending across the site.
  • Developing a theory of change for a tech company which is developing an app with a socially motivated focus. This will assist them in articulating the positive outcomes of the project to internal stakeholders and social investors.
  • Researching the predicted effects of a regulation change in 2014 versus the actual effects of the change, this also used an analysis of annual accounts. This will be used to demonstrate to the government the financial impact the regulation change has had and how companies affected by the regulation change may be targeting vulnerable users.

Prior to joining A&I in 2015, Claudia worked as a paralegal in BWB’s Charity and Social Enterprise department assisting the social finance team. Recently, she also gained insight into the operational side of charities when she volunteered as treasurer for Angel Shed, a small inclusive theatre company, whose aim is to deliver high quality theatre workshops for disadvantaged children and young people.

Qualifications, Trusteeships etc

  • University of Sheffield, History and Politics BA (Hons) 2013
  • University of Sheffield, Graduate Diploma in Law 2014
  • ACA qualified 2018