Partnership Executive Officer


Peter Bennett FCCA MCIM heads up Bates Wells Braithwaite's support services, ensures efficient management of the firm and assists partners in setting and achieving strategic objectives. He is dual-qualified in accountancy and marketing and has a successful career in the management of law firms. He often takes responsibility for large tenders and contract compliance on major client contracts, particularly where these involve services from across BWB. Finance, business development, IT & web, HR, premises and graduate recruitment are all part of his remit. See the recruitment page of the BWB website for a confidential established practitioner recruitment service.

Examples of recent work

  • Peter has been working on a new retainer service for BWB and overseeing the annual trainee recruitment process which attracts over 1,000 candidates
  • He has been a primary link with the London University Purchasing Consortium and meeting potential clients in that 75-strong purchasing group

Qualifications and career

  • Dual-qualified in accountancy and marketing
  • Spent 18 years as chief officer in solicitors (including what is now Berrymans Lace Mawer) and barristers chambers (including Maitland Chambers)
  • Joined Bates Wells Braithwaite in 2006

Pro bono, memberships and appointments

  • BWB Management Committee
  • BWB Strategy Management Committee
  • Board Member of Trustees Unlimited LLP
  • Member of the Marketing sub-committee of Trustees Unlimited LLP
  • Member of the Marketing committee of CaSE insurance
  • Member of the Careers Service Syndicate for the University of Cambridge
  • Launched BWB's "Matter Risk Management and AML Alerter" service