In this quarter's update BWB team members take a look at some recent Intellectual Property developments that are particularly relevant to charities:

  • Mindy Jhittay explains some important trade mark-related news for charities that fundraise via the internet
  • Mathew Healey outlines how charities are at increased risk from counterfeiters, and the steps they can take to protect themselves
  • Catharina Waller tells us about some surprising philanthropic spirit arising from the motor industry
  • Joanna Howard underlines why it’s vital to have proper agreements in place with brand designers and other creatives
  • Catharina Waller asks – is your charity’s name the next Hoover or Xerox? How to avoid losing your brand name rights to ‘genericide’
  • Catharina Waller welcomes the introduction of criminal sanctions for copying registered designs
  • Mathew Healey outlines the importance of brands for sports organisations.

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Catharina Waller

Trade Mark and Patent Attorney

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Mathew Healey

Head of Trade Marks

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Melinder Jhittay

Senior Associate

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Posted on 01/02/2016 in Legal Updates

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