Employees and volunteers >

To avoid being caught by the provisions of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act, commonly referred to as the ‘Lobbying Act’, charities need to take care about the distinction between employee and volunteer time when undertaking regulated activity.

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Reputation and privacy at election time >

Both domestic law and the European Convention on Human Rights require elections to be ‘free’, and recognise the role of freedom of expression in that process. Rupert Earle and Ross Allan explain the limits of freedom of expression, given that the circulation of untrue information may distort the electoral process. 

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General Election and legal restrictions >

Theresa May’s shock announcement of a General Election, to be held on 8 June, took most of the country by surprise. Although she will need the support of two-thirds of MPs under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act to push ahead with her plans, the Labour Party’s immediate support makes it likely that she will pass that hurdle without difficulty in a Parliamentary vote tomorrow (Wednesday 19 April).

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