Tess Woodcraft is a freelance consultant. She is a trainer/consultant at the Centre for Strategy and Communication. Recent clients include the Diana Memorial Fund, Guinness Trust, Mencap and Education Action International.
Woodcraft started her career in publishing and went on to be an academic lawyer, before starting work in the voluntary sector. She spent a few years working for the trade union NALGO and then moved into journalism where she worked on BBC Radio 4 and presented a current affairs programme on Channel 4. Tess works on diversity and strategic corporate communication.

She then moved to be head of communications for Islington Council, spending two years there before co-founding the Centre for Strategy and Communications. She works with clients to develop their influencing skills and their own best personal style, and also on corporate communication strategy, helping organisations to increase their impact.

Tess has been on a number of charity boards and served as Charity Commissioner.

She can be contacted at tess@tesswoodcraft.co.uk.